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Service is Pioneer’s name, longevity is our game! Pioneer Solar and Renewables will stand behind every inch and square foot of work we provide with a passionate staff that share and have the same values as the people who are a product of the pioneering process. From the initial consultation, to installation, to cleaning and maintenance, we are with you every step of the way.
In addition to renewable energy services, we have also included roofing and electrical work to our scope. With having on our team qualified staff with decades of roofing experience and being exposed to roofs on a regular basis it seemed natural to include roofing as a service we can offer. And just like roofing exposure on a regular basis, we are also exposed to the world of electrical.
Is your home drafty? Does it have cold or hot rooms? Are your energy bills higher than friends’ with similar sized houses?
Our Certified Energy Advisors will provide thorough, unbiased, advice to improve the comfort of your home and help lower your energy bills.

Our services include:

  • Energy Audits
  • Recommend Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Energy Life Cycle Plan
  • Onsite Energy Generation
  • Project Management
  • Incentives Consultation

Our Products

  • Sol-Ark 15 kW Hybrid Inverter

    Sol-Ark 15 kW Hybrid Inverter

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  • Bronco 2.76kW AGM Battery

    Bronco 2.76kW AGM Battery

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  • APS ECU (Energy Communication Unit)

    APsystems ECU (Energy Communication Unit)

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