Seamless Funding Process: Canada Greener Homes Grants

Discover the details of Canada Greener Homes Grants, including grant amounts and funding information. Explore opportunities for sustainable upgrades and learn how these grants contribute to a greener and more energy-efficient home.

Seamless Funding Process: Canada Greener Homes Grants

Funding Process Improvements

The funding process involves several steps:

Online Application - Apply for Canada Greener Homes Grants

Online Application

Homeowners initiate the process by submitting an application via the Canada Greener Homes portal online.

Service Organisation Selection - Choosing the Right Partner for Canada Greener Homes Grants

Service Organization Selection

During the application, homeowners select a certified service organization in their vicinity.

EnerGuide Evaluation - Assessing Home Energy Efficiency for Canada Greener Homes Grants

EnerGuide Evaluation

The chosen service organization conducts a pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation, assessing the home's energy efficiency and resilience.

Evaluation Results - Insights for Canada Greener Homes Grants

Evaluation Results

Residents are provided with a document containing homeowner information and an EnerGuide label indicating the existing rating for energy efficiency and an enhancement through renovation report outlining recommended retrofits.

Retrofit Decision-Making - Informed Choices for Canada Greener Homes Grants

Retrofit Decision-Making

Homeowners decide on retrofits based on the energy advisor's report, ensuring that only retrofits from the report are eligible for grants.

Purchase and Installation - Key Steps for Canada Greener Homes Grants

Purchase and Installation

Retrofits must be purchased from distributors across Canada and deployed by professionals. Only products listed on the program's website are eligible.

Loan Consideration - Financial Options for Canada Greener Homes Grants

Loan Consideration (Optional)

Homeowners may opt for an for an interest-free loan, totaling maximum of $40,000, repayable over 10 years.

Completion of Retrofits - Finalizing Upgrades for Canada Greener Homes Grants

Completion of Retrofits

Homeowners complete the selected retrofits within the specified timeframe.

Post-Retrofit EnerGuide Evaluation - Assessing the Impact of Canada Greener Homes Grants

Post-retrofit EnerGuide Evaluation

A post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation is scheduled to measure energy improvements, requiring homeowners to pay for the evaluation and keep the receipt.

Document Upload and Funding Request - Streamlining Processes for Canada Greener Homes Grants

Document Upload and Funding Request

Once all work is completed, homeowners upload necessary documents and request grant payment and loan funding online.

Grant and Loan Disbursement - Accessing Funds for Canada Greener Homes Projects

Grant and Loan Disbursement

The total grant amount, ranging from $125 to $5,000, is determined based on the completed retrofits. Homeowners receive an e-transfer for the loan.

Project Completion - Achieving Milestones in Canada Greener Homes Initiatives

Project Completion

Homeowners can now enjoy the comfort of their greener home, knowing they have saved money and energy.

Throughout the process, adherence to program guidelines, Ensuring proper documentation, and adherence to eligibility criteria is crucial for a successful funding experience.


Mastering the Canada Greener Homes Grants funding process is crucial for creating sustainable homes. From online application to e-transfer, each step plays a vital role. Homeowners save money, and energy, and enjoy a greener home, but success hinges on strict adherence to guidelines and eligibility criteria throughout the process.

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