Improving Homes Sustainably: Canada Greener Homes Grants

Canada Greener Homes Grants - Sustainable Home Improvements

Improving Homes Sustainably: Canada Greener Homes Grants

Qualifying Home Improvements

Insulation Grant Overview:

The Canada Greener Homes Grant encourages homeowners to enhance insulation for improved energy efficiency and cost savings. Heat flow resistance is assessed through R-value and RSI value, with higher values indicating slower heat transfer. Every item must be bought within the borders of Canada.

Roof Assembly Grant - Enhance Energy Efficiency with Canada Greener Homes

Roof Assembly Grant

Minimum 20% insulation of total roof area. Grant amount pro-rated based on percentage insulated. Maximum grant for any roof combination cannot exceed $1,800.

Exterior Wall Insulation Grant - Boost Energy Efficiency with Canada Greener Homes

Exterior Wall Insulation Grant

Minimum 20% insulation of exterior wall area. Grant amount prorated based on percentage insulated. Different eligibility for semi-detached, end unit, and middle unit row houses.

Exposed Floor Grant - Enhance Insulation and Efficiency with Canada Greener Homes

Exposed Floor Grant

Apply insulation to cover the complete exposed floor surface. Grant amount based on additional insulation, e.g., $350 for RSI 3.52 (R-20).

Basement Insulation Grant - Improve Energy Efficiency with Canada Greener Homes

Basement Insulation Grant

Minimum 20% insulation of basement wall area. Combined grants for walls, headers, and slabs. Maximum eligibility for semi-detached and middle unit row houses.

Crawl Space Grant - Elevate Efficiency with Canada Greener Homes

Crawl Space Grant

Insulate crawl space walls, headers, or ceiling. Maximum grant of $1,500 for both basement and crawl space insulation.

Note: Eligibility criteria and grant amounts vary based on insulation levels and house type. Consult the provided table and guidelines for in-depth information.

Air Sealing Grant Overview:

Reducing home draftiness is crucial for energy efficiency. The Renovation Upgrade Report provides an airtightness target, achieved with professional air sealing.

  • Options and Grant Amounts:
    • Meet Renovation Upgrade Report target: $550
    • Exceed target by 10%: $810
    • Exceed target by 20%: $1,000

Important Consideration: Adequate air sealing improves a home's comfort and energy efficiency. Achieving airtightness targets is crucial for grant eligibility.

Windows and Doors Grant Overview:

Upgrading windows and doors enhances energy efficiency and comfort. The amount of units replaced dictates the allocation of grants. 

  • Windows Grant:
      • $125 per window
  • Doors Grant:
    • $125 per door

Important Consideration: Each window or door must be certified as ENERGY STAR® or better.

Thermostats Grant Overview:

Upgrading to a smart or programmable thermostat helps manage heating and cooling, contributing to energy savings.

  • Thermostat Grant:
    • $50 per thermostat

Important Consideration: Ensure the new thermostat is ENERGY STAR certified or equivalent.

Space and Water Heating Grant Overview:

Upgrading to more energy-efficient heating systems reduces energy consumption and contributes to a greener home.
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) Grant:
    • $5,000
  • Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) Grant:
    • $2,500-$5,000
  • Domestic Hot Water Equipment Grant:
    • $1,000
Important Consideration: Only ENERGY STAR or equivalent products qualify. The grant amount for ASHP depends on the heating performance factor (HSPF).

Renewable Energy Grant Overview:

Harnessing solar power through photovoltaic panels supports sustainable energy generation.

  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels Grant:
    • $1,000 per installed kW

Important Consideration: The installation of solar panels is necessary to adhere to the applicable relevant regulations and guidelines.

Resiliency Measures Grant Overview:

Enhancing a home's resilience and guarding against extreme weather events is crucial. Grants are available for measures like home elevation.

  • Resiliency Measures Grant:
    • $150 - $1,000

Important Consideration: Resiliency measures should be coupled with an energy efficiency retrofit within the framework of the Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative.

Low-Rise Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) Grant Overview:

Owners of low-rise multi-unit residential buildings can multiply their grants based on the number of units.

  • Multiply Incentives:
    • 1x to 4x (2-17+ Units)

Important Consideration: The building must be three stories or less with a footprint of 600m2 or less.


The Canada Greener Homes Grants incentivize a variety of sustainable upgrades, from insulation to renewable energy. Eligibility criteria and adherence to guidelines are crucial for homeowners contributing to a greener future through these improvements.

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